How to buy a score ?

Firstly, choose a score and go to the product page. You can search a score in the “Search bar” at the top in the header of my website. Or you can browse all my scores clicking on “Transcriptions” in the header at the bottom of the logo.

When you are in the product page click on the “Add to cart” button.

Then, the score will be automatically added in the cart. You will be notified by the green banner. Repeat the same operation with the others PDFs you want, next all you have to do now is click on “View cart” or in the icon cart in the header on the website.

Now double check your items. Check also that the “Quantity” section is equal to 1, i suppose that you don’t want to order twice the same score (I’m searching a way to delete this option, if anyone has a solution). And then click on the “Proceed to checkout” button.

Afterwards enter you billing details : first name, last name and email address. Check the “create an account” box. Now choose your payment method, choose Paypal if you have an account (you can also pay by credit card without an account) and follow the instructions.

Or choose Stripe to pay directly with your credit card. You can enter your credit card number directly and follow the instructions. Don’t worry my website is in HTTPS ans has the SSL certificate.

You will be redirected in the Order received page, this means that everything went well. Go down and you will see the download section, you just have to click in the links to download your PDFs files. If it does not appear or if something else did not go well go the “How to download the PDFs” section in my FAQ page.

How to download the PDF files ?

First of all make sure that the purchase has taken place. Check your mail box, your Paypal account, etc.

When you just bought a score, you will be redirected in the “Order received” page. Go down and you will see the download section, you just have to click in the links to download your PDFs files. if you missed it or if or if you have not been redirected correctly, follow the instruction.

if you have not been able to download the PDF files after your order, go to “My account“, log in and click on “Downloads”.

Then you will see all your purchases in table form, and in the “Download” column you will have the links to download the files.

If you still can’t manage to download it, or maybe you did not check the “Create an account” box during the order process. Go to the “Contact” section and contact me. I will send you the files by email.

How to request a transcription ?

I have a lot a people asking me to transcribe some songs. I have thought a lot about this issue and I offer you these three options :

  1. Suggest me a song that you would like me to transcribe by commenting a Youtube video, a Facebook or a Instagram post. You can also send me an email, a private message on Facebook or Instagram, or use the contact form. I will add your song in my big list of transcription ideas. I can’t assure you that I will transcribe it, but if I like it, if it’s “transcriptable” maybe I will do it !
  2. For my Patreon I do polls so you will be able to vote for your favorite song. Moreover you will have a privileged contact with me and your suggestions will be more important. Click here to visit my Patreon page.
  3. If you really want me to transcribe a song right now for you, I propose a package of 20€/24$ per minute of music to transcribe. You will have the exclusivity of this transcription during 3 months then I will be free to publish it on my website. Contact me and we’ll talk about the details together.

I can’t manage to use Patreon, can you help me ?

You can’t have an access to my posts, they are still locked, you can’t manage how to set a payment method… For all problems related to Patreon, they have a very good Help Center ! Just go in there and find the solution to your problem. If you are still in trouble contact me.