This is the store of my friend Santi from Alicante (Spain). He is a gypsy jazz lover and a great person. On the website they sell accessories for gypsy jazz guitarists such as picks, strings, pickups, etc… and of course guitars! New or second hand.
They also offer online guitar lessons with the guitarist Walter Coronda.

A site to follow!

Gilles Rea

Gilles is one of the first transcribers on the internet, about 20 years ago. He makes superb transcriptions of Django Reinhardt but also of other guitarists more classical jazz or bossa nova like João Gilberto. He also conducts interviews with guitarists and develops his own musical pedagogy. One day I got in touch with him to get information about transcribing and he answered very sympathetically to all my questions, a very nice person.

A reference in the transcription for jazz guitar !

Cyril Gaffiero

He is a friend and a guitar maker of reference in the gypsy jazz word. He made guitars for a lot of great players of the style like Stochelo Rosenberg, Christophe Astolfi, and many others. These guitars are of a very high quality and made with love ;).

Take a look at his work !

Ovation Tribute

If you like the Ovation guitars, you have to visit this website. There is a lot of informations : the history, a lot of pictures of collection guitars, archives, serial number decoder, ovation factory tour, in short all the information about the brand. And the webmaster has an impressive collection !

Do you like the vintage Ovation guitars ? Yes ! Go visit this site !

Swing Romane Académie

It’s a physical Gypsy Jazz school that has a branch in Paris and other one in Fontainebleau. In Paris you have some amazing teachers like Romane himself, Richard Manetti, David Reinhardt, Sebatien Dereck… I was a student in Paris years ago and now i’m teaching in the Fontainbleau school with Richard.

If you want to learn gypsy jazz with the masters, take a look !