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Welcome and thank you for visiting my guitar transcriptions library website. Here you can find all my guitar transcriptions and download them in PDF and XML in multiple notation formats. A Soundslice support is available for my Patreon.

All my transcriptions have 3 or 4 PDF with all the notations and the chords table. Sometimes I put some additional scores from other recording of the same song or with the rhythm part. If you notice some mistake, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will update the score as soon as possible. If also you have any problems to order or to download a score please check the FAQ section.


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Standard Notation

I make all my transcriptions and my lessons in standard notation, carefully noted and laid out.

Guitar Tab Notation

If you prefer tab notation, no problem it’s done too. There is also a pdf with both notation.

Chord Shapes

When it’s necessary to understand the fingering or which technique the player uses, i put the chord shapes and some comments under the bar line.

To practice a song alone or with some friends, it’s more convenient to have all the chords and the structure in front of your eyes. So I decided to join with my transcriptions (when it’s necessary, for example it doesn’t make sense with certain solo guitar piece) a pdf with the chords and the structure of the song. I try to make it as legible as possible.

And after a while, when I would have more transcriptions, i will make a compilation with all the song I made to create a kind of Chords Table Fake Book.

Chord Table Example of the Lulu Swing tune


As you can imagine it’s a huge work and I upload a big part of my work for free on Youtube. So if you you want me to continue you can support me in several ways .

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Thanks a lot !

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