Carl Miner – Pack #1

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This the first Carl Miner transcriptions pack, made with the tunes played for guitars demonstrations for the North American Guitar Youtube Channel (and one more from the Collings Guitars channel in bonus).

All the tunes are played with the flat picking technique.

I hope you will enjoy it !

11 reviews for Carl Miner – Pack #1

  1. Tyler Bird (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Great transcriptions of this amazing artist

  2. James M. (verified owner)

    These are excellent. You can check the youtube videos if you want to get an idea of their accuracy.

  3. Panagiotis (verified owner)

    very accurate transcription, thanks a lot. Keep it up!

  4. Jeff Van Dyne (verified owner)

    Transcriptions were great. I don’t have a great ear, these helped immensely.

  5. Hugues D. (verified owner)

    With Valentin’s tabs, a dream comes true, that of being able to learn these magnificent pieces by Carl Miner. To buy with your eyes closed! Thank you Valentin for these good job 👍

  6. Michael Raskin (verified owner)

    I am transitioning from fingerstyle to playing with a pick, and these are musical ways to develop the skills and a pleasure to play.

  7. David (verified owner)

    very accurate, fun to play; glad I have found this library and I am hoping for more to come; great job

  8. Mats (verified owner)

    Hours of guitar joy with these tabs! Carl Miners’ tunes are fantastic and the transcriptions are dead accurate. Superb!

  9. Helmut K. (verified owner)

    Very accurate and helpful!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Stefan (verified owner)

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