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Jerry Reed Pack #1 released

This is my first Jerry Reed transcriptions pack. It’s important to me because when I was young I started to transcribe Jerry’s tunes for myself and I always wanted to publish a songbook. So it is a kind of accomplishment for me.

Instead of 3€ per transcriptions you get the 10 (more 3 tiny transcriptions) for 20€, or 2€ per tabs. Check it out here !

Enjoy !

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New Transcription Section : Flatpicking

Hi guys !

More or less one month ago I asked my Patreon team and I decided to transcribe some Carl Miner tunes from the North American Guitar Youtube channel. It’s seems that my subscribers liked it so I opened a new section of transcriptions on my website : The Flatpicking section. I hope you will enjoy it !

If you have some suggestions of tunes to transcribe for this section, leave a comment !


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Change of web hosting provider

In a few days I will change the hosting provider of my website because this one is very slow. Isn’t it ? 😉 I will not be able to update the website during more or less 15 days, then you will just notice that the loading time will be much faster. And it will be very much confortable for me to work on it.

If you order some scores in that time, normally it’s gonna work. But if it doesn’t work, I will send you all the pdfs by email, don’t worry about that.

Actually I’m at Bluehost and I will go at O2Switch a 100% french company 😉

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MusicXML files online !

Now you can choose in the product page if you want just de PDF files or the PDF and the XML. With the MusicXML format you can open my transcriptions with all the music application like Guitar Pro, Final, Scoremuse, Sibelius, etc. So you can play it, loop it, slow it…

I hope you’ll like this update !

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Collaboration with Remi Harris

I made my first collaboration with a great guitarist ! Firstly I will make transcriptions of some Remi Harris gypsy jazz songs from his Youtube videos, then we will see 😉 I like his picking technique very smooth, his vocabulary between gypsy jazz and bebop, he has a lot of very nice licks and he’s a very nice and cool guy !

A will sell a part of this short transcriptions on my website, but the others will only available on my Patreon page. The Soundslice support will be available only on Patreon too.

Please visit his Youtube channel and his website. He also has a Patreon page and he will shares some of my transcriptions so check it !