Paul “Tchan Tchou” Vidal – Pack #1

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This pack contains 11 songs of Tchan Tchou Vidal :

  1. Les Deux Guitares
  2. Les Yeux de Dolores
  3. Besame Mucho
  4. The Sheik of Araby
  5. La Gitane
  6. Mack The Knife
  7. Les Yeux Noirs
  8. Les Flots du Danube
  9. Just a Gigolo
  10. Bye Bye Blues
  11. Sabor A Mi (bonus)

In each transcriptions you will find :

  • Standard Notation
  • Tab Notation
  • Both Notation
  • Chords Table


This is my first pack of song ! 10 songs and one more by Tchan Tchou Vidal.

I hope you will enjoy it !


9 reviews for Paul “Tchan Tchou” Vidal – Pack #1

  1. FREDERIC POLIER (verified owner)

    Thanks to you great work !

  2. bernard GLORIAN (verified owner)

    excellent job , indeed !!

  3. Erkand Morina (verified owner)

    Excellent work

  4. Johann Lepretre (verified owner)

  5. Antoine L. (verified owner)

    Same price as a 30 mon lesson but you’ve tabs and oldschool inspiration for your own improvisation! Good job!

  6. DAVID (verified owner)

    very helpful . Currently I use the cord sheet, and then i listen on utube while studying and following along on the sheet music. This enables me to play along. Then I listen to other versions online to get more ideas. To date L’ve only been working on one song, Two Guitares.
    My next song will be Delores.

  7. Pascal HENON (verified owner)

    Tres belles transcriptions. jolis travail. Merci

  8. Daan (verified owner)

  9. Jaime Dimarucot (verified owner)

    This purchase made me so happy. The pages are so classy and notes perfect!!!

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