Ninine Garcia & Rodolphe Raffalli – Four


This transcription contains 4 PDF :

  • Standard Notation
  • Tab Notation
  • Both Notation (12 pages)
  • Chords Table

The MusicXLM file allows you to read the score with applications like Guitar Pro, Final, Sibelius…

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This the guitar transcription of the tune “Four” composed by Miles Davis which is rarely or never played in gypsy jazz.

This version comes from an old recording (approx. 1990) published on Youtube, it’s played by the great Ninine Garcia and Rodolphe Raffalli in the famous place in Paris “La Chope des Puces”.

By comparing their version with the original one, I noticed that they reharmonized it a bit. For example Bar 3 & 4 Miles plays Ebm7 and Ab7 while Ninine and Rodolphe plays Bbm7 and Eb7.

It’s a very nice tune to play in gypsy jazz style.

Enjoy !

Original video :

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